Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Vistaprint Love!

I get really excited when my groupon app goes off and I see a Vistaprint groupon. It is usually an amazing deal... I got 2 groupons in the past 2 months. $17 each- worth $70 each! Yes... I had some shopping to do!

It was perfect timing because I just ran out of my book labels that I ordered last summer, so was able to order triple the amount... won't be running out anytime soon... I hope!

I also ordered some magnetic business cards to send home for parents to keep my info on the fridge. I took a picture of it but it has all my personal info on it... not quite sure I want to share that with the world...

I also ordered some other business cards...
Check it out...

Parent/Teacher conference cards... Yes, please! These are the perfect size and can be used for anytime of the year! 
AR Reading Incentive cards! I love how Vistaprint gives you the option of uploading your own images! 
Homework pass cards! 
I also got a personalized self-inking stamp:

Love how I can circle or highlight if they need to complete or correct the work thats being sent home instead of having  to write a note each time!

I also got these notecards:

Addison helped me design these. Can you tell she added a tiara to her head? There are lots of options on Vistaprint when making the little characters! Too cute!!

 I ordered a few other re-orders but had so much fun making these little items! I can't wait to see another groupon! ha!!

Do you Vistaprint? What do you utilize the most?


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