Friday, June 14, 2013

cute calendars

The past couple of years I have used the same calendars in my students take home folders. They have worked well, but are kinda plain. I made the template 2 years ago and last year just stuck with it because it was easy to edit and it contained rules, expectations and a place to write a note to parents if needed. Well, it wasn't needed! I am serious!! I only had one student that ever needed a note home and a couple inches on the paper wouldn't have cut it (if you know what I mean).

With behavior calendars I know I am going to stick with stickers and then a marking system for other behavioral issues {tbd}. So, when I saw some adorable hand-drawn BLANK calendars on pinterest I downloaded them! Doodle Alley Art has created some pretty adorable freebies here for you! Check out this calendar for June that I just edited real quick...
Click the picture for the BLANK download link to all 12 months!
How cute is this calendar?! I love how each month is a little different and you can customize these for yourself by just adding some text. Do you know how to add text using adobe reader? It is really easy... Let me show you how {first time making a screen video... no judgements please}:

Excuse the dog barking at the end... My dog barks at EVERYTHING! She is just a little fur-ball that is afraid of her own shadow... gotta love her :)

Also, there may be other ways to add text to pdf's but this is the way that I have found that is easiest.. if you know of an easier way please share! 

So, I know we aren't all on the same schedule, but you can download my pre-made files if you want to see how they look... and maybe your calendar will line up with mine :)

Anyhoo--- what kind of behavior calendar are you using? If you have a school mandatory one, this calendar would be awesome for a classroom calendar.. so adorable! I made one for June (as you can see above)... 

I am about to begin training for a 5K. I know a 5K isn't that much, but I am not a runner. I can probably run 1.5 miles on a good day, but my sister and I are going to run one in August so I really want to be able to run the whole thing. This calendar is perfect for me to keep track of my running and cross-training choices {not to mention the extra-curriculars for my children!}

Have a happy Friday :)

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