Sunday, December 7, 2014

christmas gift!

I was lucky enough to find the perfect gift for my littles....

Personalized Travel Mugs

I found these at the Dollar Tree. I was lucky to find them in the store, so I didn't have to go through the ordering process!

Then, I made my kids some personalized mugs! I gave them a coloring sheet with their name and some cute pictures to color. Then, I went back later and added my own personal note and laminated the sheets to put inside the mugs.

I LOVE how they turned out! So, here is a little freebie for you...

Click the picture above and download the free *editable* PowerPoint slide. Just add your kiddos names and have them color! I used the KG Second Chances Solid, and made it so it was just an outline of the font. 

Had someone ask for specifics, so:

I had to change the font size a few times depending on the child's name. For most I used font size 150, but some I had to go all the way down to 80. The highest I went was 175. To make the font outlined, I formatted the font so the inside of the font was white and the outside was black line. I played with the boldness of the line too. 

I hope you can use this too and your kids will love it!

That's my quick freebie for you! Have a great week!

Sunday, November 30, 2014

From a Pigeon Thanksgiving to a Christmas Geome-tree

November might have been the BEST and LONGEST author study I've ever facilitated, but it was so much fun! We studied Mo Willems... and who doesn't LOVE Mo?

My kids loved every one of his books.... I think mostly the Pigeon though! Oddly enough, the Pigeon is very very low for my second graders, but they wanted to keep reading it again and again! So we studied him for a while and we learned ALOT about becoming an author. We used some of the following products off TPT and enjoyed every one of them:

We finished up our study by learning about persuasive and opinion writing. So, of course, we did the Turkey Wants a Hot Dog! I absolutely love this unit! I did it a couple years ago with my firsties and they loved it too!

My class this year loved it, but we did a different take on it. This class isn't full of the neatest cutters... and this activity involves cutting and gluing in the correct spot--- all in all--- a lot of following directions.. something my little guys just aren't able to do all of the time. So, instead of going the cutting route, we did the directed drawing/ Drink and Draw route and had a little hot dog party after we finished our writing and drawing!

 How adorable did our little collage turn out?!

I guess it is time to move on... now that December is beginning! We are tackling 2 math standards this month... measurement and geometry! Second grade geometry standards aren't exactly hard... in fact they seem easier than first grade, so I am hoping we can get through them pretty quickly! Anyway, I have revamped an activity packet that was at one time free, but is now loaded with 2 differentiated activities for your kiddos to enjoy!

Click the picture to get this on sale now!!

Anyway, I'm off to bed! Have a great day back tomorrow! Oh, and don't forget to hit up that TPT Cyber Monday (and Tuesday) sale!!!

Saturday, November 29, 2014

3 weeks until Christmas Break!!

The realization came to me today when I was looking at my plan book...

Next week I have this...

Then I need to fit in this....

Oh, remember last year when we had fun doing that??.....

Oh, yeah and remember how there are only 3 school weeks until break?!? It seems like once a number like that is put on it, there really isn't time to do anything!!

We are going to fit in a little something though... I mean we do have:
  •  2 whole math standards to master
  • to conquer the unknown out in space
  • to learn about different cultures (which we will stragically place this Social Studies right into the Reading block!)
  • Fun Christmas Activities!!!
Yes, in the words of Tim Gunn, we will "make it work"!

So, to get us off on the right track this week, we are starting off with a project that has partially been completed at home, and will be finished at school over the next 2 weeks. I try my hardest to make learning in our classroom about discovery, but sometimes we have to front load the little brains in our classroom to provide that background knowledge... which is crutial to understanding holidays and traditions from different cultures.

**You can get more information about the Cultural Traditions project by checking out my good friend's TPT store: Vandy Penguins. I was lucky enough to have her on my team!!

Here is our timeline:

 So, here is the *best* part of this project. We recently got some new, very large windows installed in our hallway! They are beautiful but right now when we look at them we think it looks like something is missing!

So, we have asked the artifacts that are brought in to represent the holiday selected be about 2 inches or smaller to fit in a clear ornament. Then, we will hang all the artifacts in the ornaments in front of the huge window.
*We were able to get an amazing deal on the ornaments from Oriental Trading! 

I am super excited to see how it turns out! So, technically, Phase 1 should be completed as of Monday, when the kids are suppose to return the initial graphic organizers.... I sure hope they do!!

Anyway, during reading we will soon begin our research on to learn about these holidays, but we will also do some "close" reading on different holidays too. I spent a lot of my day today looking for the perfect close reading passage that was (free).... but there wasn't much out there that was helping me out! I think I put about 10 in my cart, before I thought... I should have just been typing something up this whole time!

So, I did type something up. After reading this awesome guided reading book called "Celebrate Around the World" by Margaret C. Hall. I made a whole packet to keep us busy in reading for part of the week as we slowly begin our research.

There are about 4 pages with short passages with questions. Then at the end I put a Venn Diagram and a little Vocabulary chart to tie it all together. Please go download this freebie by clicking here or any of the photos above.

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving break and didn't spend too much money because you know Cyber Monday is coming up!! Sale on TPT!!!

Courtesy of the 3AM Teacher :) Click above to make it to my shop for your spending pleasure!!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Monday Made It #3

Running late with my Monday Made It today... Although it has made for a couple days.

Before I start my MMI.. let me vent... for a moment...

So, this morning I was woken up by some barking dogs. Not my sweet little dog... the 2 huge German Shepard's that live next door. Now, I have nothing against German Shepard's... but when they live next door and bark ALOT, then I've got something against them!

These dogs aren't barking at squirrels or birds or even people... they are barking at nothing... at 5:30 a.m. Yup, that's right, 5:30 a.m. on summer break! It has been going on for a couple of weeks and today I just couldn't take it. I woke up with a sinus infection to top it off, so I was not happy...

Apparently, after barking for 30 minutes straight, my neighbor didn't find it too amusing that I was standing on his porch (in my p.j's). But, what did he expect? I need my sleep... Luckily I am not the only house on the block being disturbed.. So hopefully someone else will step up that this guy might take more seriously.

Until then, pray I get a little more sleep tonight. (Luckily I did get some meds for my sinus infection, so hopefully it won't be affecting me as bad).

So, now let me share my Monday Made It this week:

Link up with fun linky or see more Monday Made It's at 4th Grade Frolics!
 I had this old wooden toy box that the kids used to use... but they really don't anymore... so, I took it! I saw an idea on Pinterest for a bench under your Promethean board for kneeling or sitting while students are on the board. So, I thought this toy box would work out perfectly! (And, it did!)
 Not the best picture, but you can see the before (after I had sanded it) and the after. I painted the bottom of the toy box with chalkboard paint and then put foam and vinyl fabric on the top. I love this for a couple of reasons.
1. It adds storage.
2. It is on wheels.
3. It could be used for a center if needed.
A couple of weeks ago, I had a few of my team members over for a little lunch/crafting. We didn't finish our projects, but I did this week.
 Some cork board string art. I thought I could hang this above my door... The paint is peeling pretty bad, so this will be a perfect cover up. I got a smallish cork board (I think 16x20) from Michaels. Painted it with gray paint. Then spelled out my name. The other girls did words like create and welcome. I haven't seen their final products yet... but it was fun!
So, that's about it... Ready to take more meds and crash! Meeting up with my new principal tomorrow... need to make a good impression ;)

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

July Currently

Time for a new month... Lots of things happening in July over here at the Davis house... 

This week one kid is at camp... so my little one and I can have a little quality time... 

Little does she know that quality time might be taking place up at school a bit this week (my room is finally clean!!)

Then, it's her birthday this week! Yup, my baby is turning 5! So, I probably need to get a bit organized for that party. Do y'all have kids with summer birthdays? Since Addison's is on the 6th we rarely have a party b/c everyone is out of town and usually one friend shows up. So, she begged for a party this year and like 1 friend has RSVPed. Figures... Makes me feel like it is a waste of a party! Oh well...

Next week, a teacher on my team and I are planning a day trip to IKEA. I love, love, love IKEA but the closest one to Nashville is Atlanta... so, we are making the drive! I'm super excited about it.... but I need to make my shopping list (if you don't go prepared it could be dangerous!). 

Then, a little later in the month, my parents are taking my kids with them up North to visit my grandfather and my aunt and uncle. They are looking forward to it, I am just hoping my parents still want them to come spend the night after such a long trip in the car! 

Anyhoo, I think July will be a fun-filled month! What are your plans? 

Monday, June 30, 2014

Monday Made It.. Take 2

I finally got a little motivation to get some stuff done for school... although... as the hubs says, "You realize school doesn't start back for another month..." (You know with that look that says you are a crazy person). Ha... I guess I am a crazy person then! So I am linking up with Tara from 4th Grade Frolics for her fabulous Monday Made It!

I actually got ALOT of stuff accomplished this week for the home and the 2nd home (school)! I tried to go up to school, but my hallway is the laaasssttt to be cleaned..poo! So I stayed home and got some projects completed. 
I got an amazing deal on a vintage buffet off Craigslist... only $80!!

So, I painted and distressed it! I love it! 

Final look:

My project this week will have to include heading to Home Goods to start decorating the top of this thing!! 

That little art piece above my new buffet... Yeah... I made that! 

My sister and I started this project and then she kinda left me with it... Here is the one I made for her:

That's right... I made 2 sets! It was tedious but they turned out pretty cool! We started with 2 1x6 pieces of wood. We got Home Depot to cut them and then we stained them with some leftover stain I already had. It was an easy project just a little long! Took a couple days! 

And now a few things for school:

Last year I used a clipchart (which was great), and the teacher next to me would carry around this stick all the time. It was such an easy way to use a clip chart, I had to copy! So she inspired me to create this:

I just used a regular old yard stick and painted my colors with some regular craft paint. 

My last creation was a pinspiration....

I got my frames from Michaels $3.99/piece for 5x7 frames. 

Love how these turned out!!

Ok... I think that is all for this week.... now.... must sleep! 

Happy Monday!