Sunday, November 30, 2014

From a Pigeon Thanksgiving to a Christmas Geome-tree

November might have been the BEST and LONGEST author study I've ever facilitated, but it was so much fun! We studied Mo Willems... and who doesn't LOVE Mo?

My kids loved every one of his books.... I think mostly the Pigeon though! Oddly enough, the Pigeon is very very low for my second graders, but they wanted to keep reading it again and again! So we studied him for a while and we learned ALOT about becoming an author. We used some of the following products off TPT and enjoyed every one of them:

We finished up our study by learning about persuasive and opinion writing. So, of course, we did the Turkey Wants a Hot Dog! I absolutely love this unit! I did it a couple years ago with my firsties and they loved it too!

My class this year loved it, but we did a different take on it. This class isn't full of the neatest cutters... and this activity involves cutting and gluing in the correct spot--- all in all--- a lot of following directions.. something my little guys just aren't able to do all of the time. So, instead of going the cutting route, we did the directed drawing/ Drink and Draw route and had a little hot dog party after we finished our writing and drawing!

 How adorable did our little collage turn out?!

I guess it is time to move on... now that December is beginning! We are tackling 2 math standards this month... measurement and geometry! Second grade geometry standards aren't exactly hard... in fact they seem easier than first grade, so I am hoping we can get through them pretty quickly! Anyway, I have revamped an activity packet that was at one time free, but is now loaded with 2 differentiated activities for your kiddos to enjoy!

Click the picture to get this on sale now!!

Anyway, I'm off to bed! Have a great day back tomorrow! Oh, and don't forget to hit up that TPT Cyber Monday (and Tuesday) sale!!!


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