Wednesday, April 30, 2014

math centers = loud

Yes, it is loud! I don't mind it so much, because I know MOST of the kids are learning something important, but DANG it is loud! Sometimes it's hard for me to teach a small group it is so loud.

So.... I took a break from math groups (and blogging... if you didn't notice!). I don't know if it's the last month of school or just the pure loudness of math center time, but I needed a break from the everyday routine of it all. So we have scaled back... and I mean waaaayyy back to once a week. I feel bad because I know whole group doesn't always work out for all my kids, but I have a few stinkers this year that will not stop talking LOUDLY! 

Anyway, I really do enjoy math rotations when they are being performed correctly and when I can meet with small groups and really get that "bang for my buck". As I mentioned before, I am beginning to feel the summer itch in these last few weeks of school, and to be honest the games in math rotations have been "rotated" one too many times! So, when I was recently asked by Casey at the Second Grade Math Maniac to check out her "Take Home Math Kits", I was hoping they would be a good fit in my math centers. Her packet includes a TON of games at all different levels, so I picked out a few that would support a skill that my kids need major practice... MATH FACT FLUENCY! 

Most of my kids are decent with their facts, but as 3rd grade approaches I am scared for them. It is no joke.. and if you are a third grade teacher you know what I am talking about. Casey has some great games in her kit. 

This kit is actually designed for kids to take home games to practice, but my kids aren't real fond of "homework", so they worked out perfectly in my centers. There are games with a similar format that deal with a range of skills from telling time to shapes to subtraction facts. 

My kids especially enjoyed playing paper plate subtraction. 

**Picture coming soon!!**
(Of course, I left the camera I took the pics on at school!)

Anyway, I would totally recommend this product and she has it on sale right now! Click here to check it out. 

If you have any ideas on how to keep my math groups quiet, so I can stop feeling guilty and get back into the groove of math rotations... please leave me a comment!