Thursday, March 28, 2013

have you heard?

I kinda feel jipped... I mean just kinda...

I got the pleasure of having a 2 week spring break... Yes, you read that correctly. 2 WEEKS! It has been somewhat glorious and I am almost dreading going back on Monday.

I kinda feel like I got jipped though because I have been seeing all these adorable easter activities out here in bloggy-land and I missed all the fun! I guess I can't complain though... I mean 2 weeks of freedom!

So, to celebrate Easter I am having a....

Hope you can grab some Treasures goodies during the sale. 

Anyway, if you like shopping (like me!) you might be on:

and many more!

I love these sites and find some awesome deals! There is now a new site that has been made just for teachers:

Educents hasn't officially launched yet, but will be next week! If you sign up before the launch date you get a $10 gift card to the site! You can't beat that! Just click the picture above and it will take you to the sign up page!

I can't wait to see what this site has in store for us teachers!

I am off to finish my break and maybe do some planning for next week (I probably need to do that....Sunday night? lol)

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

a daisy doozy

So, I am a few days late...

No... not like that...

I am late for Dr. Seuss' bday! I had it in my mind that this week we would be doing all that Read Across America stuff (I mean isn't it always the first week of March?). So, my kids missed out on some fun stuff that I usually do, but I did fit in a really fun writing activity. Have you ever read:

This book is adorable, so if you haven't read it yet... DO!! Your kids will love it anytime in the year! We did a little how-to writing to go along with this daisy head problem...

How to get rid of a Daisy-Head! A few of my kiddos are really struggling with being creative. I got a lot of "I cut the flower".... blah! 
Then I had a few that got creative (one even wrote she was going to stick her head in the toilet and flush it... swirly!! lol). 
The best part about our writing wasn't really writing. 

I wish I could show you some facial expressions! Priceless!
Here is how we did it:

I took pictures of the kids pretending to pull a daisy out of their heads the day before. 
I printed these pics in black and white on card stock (8x10s). Then, I cut around their bodies so there wasn't a background. 
Then we used a hole punch to string the flower through and make it look like it was growing from their head. 
They were OBSESSED with this activity! 

If you have time to stick this in your schedule, click the pic below to get a copy of the writing prompt and daisies for free! 

Think I'm hittin' the sack early! Enjoy :)

Monday, March 4, 2013

Welcome to our "Ant"onym Farm!

Check out our "Ant"onym Farm! Last week we worked on synonyms and antonyms. I think my kids are FINALLY getting the play on words...
First we studied synonyms. I know you have all seen "Synonym" Rolls on pinterest... Here is our version:
I had to show you this one... Her word was pretty.. She said, "I am gorgeous today." lol- It is always the ones you least expect that say the darnedest things...

After studying synonyms, we learned about antonyms. This is a very hard concept for my EL. I think they understand the words don't mean the same thing.. but they don't understand opposite!
We made an antonym farm (see above). Here are a few of our ants:

These were my example ants!

These were so much fun! How are you teaching synonyms and antonyms?