Monday, March 4, 2013

Welcome to our "Ant"onym Farm!

Check out our "Ant"onym Farm! Last week we worked on synonyms and antonyms. I think my kids are FINALLY getting the play on words...
First we studied synonyms. I know you have all seen "Synonym" Rolls on pinterest... Here is our version:
I had to show you this one... Her word was pretty.. She said, "I am gorgeous today." lol- It is always the ones you least expect that say the darnedest things...

After studying synonyms, we learned about antonyms. This is a very hard concept for my EL. I think they understand the words don't mean the same thing.. but they don't understand opposite!
We made an antonym farm (see above). Here are a few of our ants:

These were my example ants!

These were so much fun! How are you teaching synonyms and antonyms?


  1. How cute! What a clever way to display antonyms!

    The Second Grade Superkids

  2. Love your ANTonyms and Synonym rolls

  3. Hi Laura. This is great! We are doing synonyms and antonyms right after spring break.

    Teaching Little Miracles