Saturday, February 2, 2013

Currently... only a few hours to a super sale!

I love currently. I missed it last month... I've been really really busy! 
Anyhoo, my kids are addicted to electronics! One is sitting across the room on the ipad (he is addicted to Wild Kratts- an app he bought with his tooth fairy money! lol). The other one is on the nook (at least she's reading... and btw she is reading Pete the Cat!)
As I am writing this the hubs just woke up from his so-called "cat nap".

Everything else is pretty self-explanatory... on to pet peeves:
My number one pet peeve is SNORING (check out what I was listening to during my Currently). My husband's snoring is getting worse. Some nights its not too bad but most of the time it drives me bonkers. Especially when we are in the living room and he could go get in bed, but he won't. Even our three year old says, "Daddy, stop snoring! It's annoying!!" lol

Boys do make annoying noises. My son is starting the noises too. His noises are mainly made to annoy his little sister... they seem to happen right about the time we're in the car! 

My school pet peeve is crowding. I'm sure you've experienced this at the beginning of the year... multiple children walking up to you to ask a question, soon your surrounded... the walls are closing in... ahhhh! I hate that... we have to break that behavior, and QUICK!

So, you might of heard of this big sale going on... tomorrow! 

I am also having 30% in my Teacher's Notebook store. I am sure there are some fab finds out there... I already have a few things in my wish list, bout to go add some more. 

While your shopping tomorrow, download this fun freebie:

Click the pic to go to my TPT store. 

My kids understood this concept (comparing numbers to 120) very quickly, but when I ask them to verbalize the equation, they are stumbling over their words. This little game can be played whole group or small group. Hopefully your kiddos will find it helpful too. 

Have a Super Sunday tomorrow! I can't wait to see your purchases. I'll share mine when I make my final selections!


  1. UGGGHHH..... my husband snores too, and his is getting worse as we get older. Some nights I even have to leave the room. Anyhow, I am linked up with Farley too and I love your blog. I am your newest follower.

    My Journey to 5th Grade

  2. I just went and downloaded the Gator Freebie. Thanks for sharing!
    I can't stand it when my husband snores too! Happy for you that your Trig class was cancelled. What a pleasant surprise!
    Have a wonderful weekend! I hope your sale goes well.
    ❀Beth Ann❀
    Taming My Flock of Firsties

  3. I love that you are content! That is wonderful! I am glad I found your blog through Farley's Currently!

  4. I have a snoring husband as well! I have one student that likes to follow me around the room and talk non-stop. Sometimes I say to him, "stop chasing me!" Have a great weekend shopping the sales.

    Mrs. Bartel’s School Family

  5. I found you through Farley's Currently and am now following you. I LOVE the name of your blog! Oh how true!

    Tales of a fourth grade teacher

  6. Snoring drives me crazy!!! I've been told that I snore...but I really don't think so. Thanks for the Gator freebie.

  7. I wish I could go to bed early just one day a week! I tried it last night and my teenage daughter came in and said, "Bachelor is on again tonight!" Needless to say, I had to watch it! Errrrrr!