Saturday, June 8, 2013

I am freakin blind!

I think my vision is getting worse....

I mean like really bad....

I try not to drive at night, but when I do I think "This should be illegal [actually I think it is illegal]... I can't read the signs that are 20 feet away"- a big ol' blur!

Please don't report me... I promise I'll stay off the road at night! lol

Anyway, I HAVE to wear contacts or glasses during all waking hours or I can't see anything! So, when asked me to review some glasses I was very excited! 

I had never heard of Firmoo, it is really cool. is a website where you can order prescription glasses and sunglasses (with or without prescription) and the prices aren't crazy! In fact, YOUR FIRST ORDER IS FREE!

Here are the dets:

So check out my new specs:

I look real excited.. right?! The truth is I only wear glasses when my eyes are bugging me (allergies). They make me feel tired. 
 These are the frames I chose:

Click the picture to go to the site. 

These frames are plastic so they are lightweight... Not sure how durable since I don't usually wear for that extended of a period. The only thing I am not really loving is the size... They feel HUGE on my face. Everyone said they looked fine, but I felt like they were too wide for my face. I'll keep wearing them though... they were free!

I also chose a pair of sunglasses. Since I pretty much always wear contacts I didn't get them in my prescription but you can if you like:

Only got my glasses from Firmoo.... Addison's were from the Easter Bunny (a.k.a. Target Dollar bin! lol)

I love big sunglasses, so these are a perfect fit for me! 

So, one more thing about firmoo. You can upload your photo and do a virtual "fitting room" with the frames. It doesn't look exact but can give you an idea... 

Anyhoo... You can check out Firmoo and get your first pair free. So click the pictures above to get started!

SEE you later... lol... 

sorry for the lame joke... ha!

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