Monday, June 3, 2013

Monday Made It!

I don't know about you but I am getting really confused on my days... Thought yesterday was Monday and had to convince myself it was Sunday (which it was!)

I did some "non" school crafting this weekend... all thanks to pinterest! I didn't get to finish one part of crafting, but I will show it to you next Monday.

First, I made my hubby a little something for Father's Day:

Back story: I am slowly... very slowly organizing and going through photographs and finding old bins full of stuff! So I found this old Tupperware container full of tickets- they were all my husband's tickets. I was about to throw them all away... I mean he hasn't looked at them in for.e.ver! I told him I found them and then he was very adamant about keeping them (basically told me to keep my hands off them!)

So, here are the supplies (all from Michael's):

I love the "thickers". I have a ton left... I am already brainstorming how to use them! 

So, I thought for one of his gifts this Father's Day I am going to give him the above. I saw it on pinterest:

I actually saw a site where you could buy the shadow boxes ready made for like $125... no thank you! Just so happens Michael's is having a BOGO sale on shadow boxes this week, which just so happens to  be both of my crafty projects!

The other shadow box I made (which is actually a year late), is for my son's t-ball uniform last year.

Turned out pretty cute! I am working on another one for my daughter's first ballet costume! (I hope to have it finished next week!)

Look at this other adorable stuff I grabbed at Michael's... you might need to make a run yourself :)

50 cent wooden mini clips... You'll see more of these next Monday Made It! 

It is a D... Picture is backwards!  Very cute note cards in dollar bin!

I can't wait to put this notepad on my desk next year. I am always making to-do lists and shoving them in my bag. I will for sure use this one (only $3 and lots of different colors!)
That's all I got for you... more to come! I can't wait to see who else is linking up this week!

Happy Monday!


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