Monday, June 10, 2013

Monday Made It... giveaway!

My kids are freaking hilarious! I knew they were funny... but over the past couple weeks they keep impressing me with their wit.

I got to listen to them this morning (without them knowing). I was cracking up!

Addison (3) somehow convinced Jaydon (7) to babysit her doll. baha! I was cracking up! I love being home with these two-- even when they drive me nuts!

Anyway, on to the made it portion...

I have yet to get to a school made it, but have a couple projects planned for this week that are school related! I have been able to get a big order back from Vistaprint for next year... I posted about it the other day here.

Here are my fun home projects this week:

#1: I used my other shadowbox (from last week) and made a matching shadowbox for Addison's room.

This is from Addison's first dance recital. It was on May 31. It was freakin adorable! 

Precious, right?!
I am in love with these shadow boxes! I think the kids are proud of them too!!

#2: Addison has a total freak out last week when I was cleaning her room and threw away some of her precious drawings. I mean they are cute, but there are ALOT of them and they are just stacking up on her dresser. So, I told her we would make something to display her work in her room. 

Fishing wire and mini clothespins (from my Michaels shopping last week!) Now she can hang up some pictures. We did a little art today too! We didn't realize until after the painting was done that we put her feet on the paper wrong (for the butterfly above!) Oh, well! Jaydon drew the middle picture for her-- so sweet :)
When we were looking on pinterest and saw the ballet dress with the skirt made out of handprints she was so excited:

We only had black construction paper so we made it work. I love how she writes her name! Too cute!
#3: I have been seeing this pin on pinterest and fell in love! So I made one for my family...

I made this little printable and got it printed at staples for $2. I already had the frame... so it is a steal compared to buying it on etsy!! 

By now your probably thinking... hey, it said giveaway on the title! Yes! For one of you lucky followers I will make the adorable printable above! Enter using the rafflecopter below by Wednesday! I will email my lucky winner for their specific details and then email you the print after I create it! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. I love your shadow box, what a neat memory keeper.

  2. Found you through Monday Made It and I am your newest follower! I love your 3rd project with all the important dates. I have also seen that on Pinterest and now I want to make one!

    I am having my first giveaway, come by my blog and check it out!

    Lacy's Letters