Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Classroom Management Ten Pins

I am linking up with Ashley at Just Reed again this week to share some my favorite classroom management pins. I am usually really organized and ready to go... last year I felt behind ALL year! I moved to my school literally 3 days before school started and never felt like I was fully able to catch up. I had to put a lot of things just on shelves and cabinets and a lot of it I never got organized quite like I like it. If you are a neat freak, you know how I was feeling! I am actually really excited to be moving rooms this year so I can get everything just right!

I went up to school today... I know... {gasp}. I needed to get a few more things from my "old" room before the new teacher got in there and thought I left it for her. A good friend of mine came and helped me move my furniture {minus desks} into the positions that make sense. Now, I am left with organizing!

Of course classroom management is not just about having your stuff organized.. it's more about having your students organized. So, here are my favorite pins (which I will totally be implementing this year-- or may have already implemented!)

I love how this idea gives the students ownership over the rules. Will totally be doing something like this!

Love this for writing journals, math journals... ok... all journals!

Instead of the "No Name" display I am gonna put this guy next to the turn in basket and it will be a constant reminder that you must write your name on your paper! Love it!

I didn't have a huge problem with this last year but I might start the year with this chart to make sure I don't have another huge problem... :)

I blogged about this a while back. If you are into mustaches, this is available in my mustache classroom decor set. I love how this way of showing who and how they are going home is so easy to change if needed for each day. I hung it and will hang it right by my door for easy access. Love it!

This pin is actually for pointers while reading to help your little ones follow along. I am going to use this for my pick sticks though. Write the name on one end and put the gem on the other. Then after you've called on that person you can flip the stick over so you only pick the ones with gems. Love it!

I am new to the clip chart system, but plan on implementing this year. I love how this gives you a place to put those worn out clips that have gotten so many gems! Totally doing this!

I don't know about you but sometimes a lot of times when we are creating gooey things we have to spread all of it out around the room for drying time... I run out of places to put things to dry! I love this system... and I know I can make it look beautiful! :) Wondering if a pizza place will give those for free... hmmm...

This is one of those... Why didn't I think of that?! moments! I am planning on putting my whole sub binder in picture format.. That way there is no guessing! I can put pics of kids, pics of where things are located, etc. {This might help me remember where I put things too!} lol

Who loves when all your kids who need help come up and surround you? It is my biggest pet peeve-- I almost feel clostrophobic! I can't take it!!! I am in love with this pin... Making NOW!!!

So, that's about it...I mean... there are A TON more pins out there that will be utilized but these are my top 10 that I will for sure be using and geting started! Also, check out my freebies section for a classroom rewards freebie that is sure to keep them making good choices in and OUT of the room!

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  1. LOVE your pins... the Class List with pictures is so cute! This past year, I did the highlighter can with my kids, and it was AMAZING!! I only had maybe THREE papers all year without a name! Yay! :)

    First Grade Fairytales

  2. Thanks...I repinned several!! :)

  3. Great pins! What a fun link. I would love to have you come and link with me! Anything you buy, sell, find, love, or make with dollar items. I would love see to see what you share!

  4. The pizza box drying system is a great idea! I'm going to try the clip hall of fame/jewels this year too :-)

  5. I absolutely love the How are we getting home pin. I plan to make this for my class, it seems to take up much less space than the way I did it last year.

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