Sunday, September 9, 2012

treasures giveaway

Who uses Treasures? My EL kiddos are REALLY REALLY struggling with this series. The stories aren't too hard for them but the phonics is not working for them! I mean, I feel like the short vowels should all come at the beginning- not a few short vowels then some blends, then a few more short vowels...These blends are really hard for them!

I have been working on some supplemental packets for Treasures (they are slowly coming along!). I started kind of late because of my job change so I missed the first couple of weeks- which I don't imagine having time to go back and create until later- so far I am loving the packets! I am probably a few weeks ahead of most of y'all. We started before you (more than likely) and we don't do the smart start (which, honestly, my kids need!).

The packets I have been working on are making my life much easier! I create a word work game and recording sheet for each week-- perfect for my Word Work Center. There is also a writing center that goes along with the theme of the week and a writing lesson activity. Lots of anchor charts too! I have been sharing with the other first grade teachers on my team and am so excited they are able to utilize too! My son is in the first grade class next to mine and it just gives me a little personal satisfaction seeing his work coming home and some of it being stuff I created!

Before I started blogging I never imagined putting this kind of time in to creating units, but I was putting all kinds of time into stressing because I could never find what I needed to go along with what I was teaching. Teachers pay teachers and ALL of you bloggy friends really make planning and teaching so much easier and enjoyable!

This month has been a crazy whirl wind but I feel like reading y'alls posts makes it better :) So, thank you for still inspiring me to keep on truckin' and be part of this wonderful bloggy community!!

Now time for....

I know most of you started school after us so you aren't to these weeks yet, but just imagine already having these weeks planned for you :) All you have to do is follow the directions on the rafflecopter below. I will choose 3 winners on Wednesday night! Good luck!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

If you want to preview these fine resources go to my TPT store here.

One last thing... I am sure most of you love a good font..

Well, on Friday, posted some new adorable Fonts for Peas for FREE! Nothing gets me more excited than a good font.... lol.

You should go check them out :)

Have a wonderful rest of the weekend... and thanks for all your inspiration!


  1. I can see how the Treasures sequence would be confusing for EL students. I have found with EL students, modeling and repetition are key!! I did the same activities but changed the skill (ex. bingo, flip books, etc.) with my EL students so that they were not confused by the activity and could focus on the skill. Good luck!

  2. I work in 1st grade reading, and let me tell you I too have been having a tough time with the series (we've had it for years) I don't have EL but I imagine it would be even harder for them. When I pull our Title Students we go back to SRA and I also add in activities to supplement what they are doing in Treasures. Now an interesting thought about Treasures, we had to fight to use SRA for our lower readers, we went to AR and leveled the stories in Treasures to prove our point. Some were at level, but most were above.

  3. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that you are creating these units. I own the Pet Tricks and we'll be teaching it in another week after SAT testing this week. Thank you again!

  4. OOOOps...didn't read the ENTIRE direction, lol..I pull other lower leveled books that I have either created or from another series. I also use some of the above mentioned items. One of our favorites is a paint strip (color and four blocks) laminated on a piece of cardstock and matching color cars. We "drive" the cars into their garages to sound out simple words~! They absolutely love them!

  5. Your supplemental packets for Treasures look great! We use Treasures too...but I think I'm the only one on my team who totally ditches it and and does my own thing...Daily 5, Phonics Dance, and lots of great literature. I only use the materials from the series if I use it in a small group. (GASP!!!)

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