Saturday, September 15, 2012

have you seen...

these before?

These are the new dry erase markers from Pilot and they are awesome!! I hate it when dry erase markers start running out... especially when it's your favorite. Admit it... you have a favorite marker. I have about 10 markers on the board but there is one that I always write with- it is smoother, the ink comes out really well... So, when your favorite runs out (which depending on how much you write could happen soon) it is a big bummer! I love these new markers because you can add more ink to them! When the ink runs out you can just attach a new ink container. It is super cool! 

Pilot also has some amazing pens- you know those roller ball gel pens-- they write so smoothly and (I think) look so much better! I usually don't stock up on them because they can be so darn expensive, but they (just like the dry erase markers) are refillable! 

I have always hated erasable pens. They never write dark enough or erase correctly. Usually a big ol' waste of money! But, Pilot also has a new gel pen that can erase and it actually erases!! 

The only thing I don't like about this one is it has a very very fine point. It is OK for writing somethings but not an everyday pen.

Anyway.. glad your still with me... you can find these supplies and more at They have some great deals on different supplies you may need for your classroom- so go check it out! 

I am going to finish this post with some amazing things I got from Vista Print that finally came in the mail today! I am so excited!!!

Take a looksy...

Going to use this to post our learning goals everyday on the white board!

They were just too cute to pass up!

You can download this adorable subway art from The Learning Tree

Don't you just love that Super Girl graphic from Melonheadz!

I stopped into Barnes and Noble tonight to pick up these:

and found out about this:

I usually buy all my books from Scholastic but needed those for this week so I paid a little more for them but then I found out as a teacher you can 20% every purchase from Barnes and Noble with this program! All you have to do is show proof of teacher"ship" when you sign up! Love a good deal! 

Have a great rest of the weekend and please someone (ANYONE) link up for my first linky party!! (Not that I am desperate or anything!! :)


  1. Everything is just so cute! Okay, I know I've seen that font from your "learning goals" before but I can't remember where and I NEED it! lol

    1. I downloaded it from Teaching in a Small Town's store on TPT! I am loving it too!!

  2. Genius! Magnetic business cards for the parents! Love it all!
    Mrs. Not-Much-Taller-Than-A-Second-Grader

  3. Aww- my subway art poster looks awesome blown up!! Thanks for posting pics :)

    I'm having a 31 bag SALE
    The Learning Tree

    1. Kimberly, Thanks for reminding me where I got that from! I linked up to your post for others!! I just love the poster and can't wait to hang it up!!

  4. I have a Groupon for VistaPrint that I need to use soon- I love all of the things you ordered. You have given me some ideas!
    Fun in 1st Grade