Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Day in the Life of a First Grader

Busy, busy day in First Grade!! We are still working on adjectives and I have some fun popcorn stuff we did this week (just forgot to photo), but today we did kites. I was thinking about how much the kids liked making the boats last week when we started with descriptive words so I decided to do something similar. Our story this week is "The Kite from Days with Frog and Toad". So we made kites.

The kite had a sentence on it for them to complete:
M__ kite fl__s h___ in the sk__!

We have been studying long i with i, igh, and y this week so this prompt was quick and easy.
Then while talking about kites we were using comparative adjectives. So to practice writing comparative adjectives we wrote the comparative adjectives they chose on the bows on the kite.

So the writing prompt was on the kite, then on the bottom they wrote two adjectives they could compare with (like fast or long). Then on the bow they wrote how those words changed (like faster and fastest or longer and longest). They turned out really cute and my students had lots of fun making.

I think my adjective bulletin board has been a great idea. I can change it out every week with something different we describe. So much fun!

Later today in Math we started time using words "before" and "after". We made a list of things we do everyday like brush our teeth, get ready for school, eat dinner, etc. Then each student illustrated one action we do during the day and we made a timeline. We put the cards in order using the words before and after.

We made the timeline but left spots to put the actual time. So as I learning progresses on this topic we can add to our display with the actual time we do these things. They LOVED this activity!!


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