Saturday, April 9, 2011

Time is ticking away...

Seriously, I think my sleep time is ticking away..ha! Any normal person would be going to bed right now but I am pretty much addicted to teacher blogs/ing! My husband definitly thinks I am a crazy person!
Anyway we have been working on time this week and a teacher friend of mine gave me a GREAT idea to teach time. It has been hard for my kiddos to catch on to the minute hand. In whole group they count by fives and we have no problem then they go back to their seat and write something like 12:6 instead of 12:30. That is the kind of thing that makes you want to pull your hair out! So another teacher on my team gave me this idea and I love it!
To begin the lesson each student is given 5 unifix cubes. They put them together and trace them on an index card. Then they color what they traced and cut them out so it is a replica of the unifix cubes. Then they brought their cut out to the carpet and we stood in a circle counting by 5's.
Then we taped the cut outs to the whiteboard in a circular shape and counted by 5's again. After this we added the numbers to our clock. So now it looks like a clock with 5 minutes between each hour.

Then we practiced with this clock for a while and they seemed to understand about the minute and hour differences. The next day the kids made their own clock like we made on the board. After they added their unifix cube cut outs, they colored each half a different color so they could remember that at half an hour you would be at the 6. It worked out pretty good- and turned out cute too!

So time will continue this week...


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