Saturday, March 19, 2011

Done Planning!!!

I feel like I am a non-stop planner. Everytime I get online I somehow find something I "need" to do. It is a horrible addiction and I don't think anyone really understands unless you are a teacher. I decided to start blogging because all the amazing ideas I see online. All these teachers blog with all this stuff and I am impressed.

This is only my second year teaching so I am creating resources left and right and always looking for the best way (and the easiest way). I have gotten so many great ideas from blogs that other teachers have shared. I certainly hope I can pass along something worthwhile as well.

Before spring break we went on a field trip to see Goodnight Moon at the Nashville Children's Theatre. It was awesome...actually my second time seeing it! This field trip inspired first grade to pull together a unit on Goodnight Moon. One thing we did that was absolutely adorable was a glyph. Here are the directions and the graph we used:

And now for the best part... The final result!!

Of course my camera died after these two pictures and I forgot to take more before we went on break! Either way a super cute project and we had a lot of fun making it and writing!


So I took more pictures of our wonderful glyph.. Here they are :)


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