Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day of Creation!

We worked hard today in first grade!!
This morning in reading we took advice from Abby at The Inspired Apple and read "The Boat Book" by Gail Gibbons! We are studying long o with "oa" and "ow" so it was a perfect catalyst for this unit and for studying adjectives.

The kids LOVED the book and we had a huge discussion on types of boats. It was fun. Then we filled out our "Shipful of Adjectives". Super cute idea...

Then we made our own boats, which turned out fantastic!!

I love the pirate ship! The student who created this one gave me a big, happy surprise today by not only picking a different adjective to use on her boat (I mean different from any of the ones we used on our "Shipful of Adjectives"), but she remembered a vocabulary word from before Spring Break! I was so proud! She wanted to use haste, but I explained to her we needed to change haste to hasty. I love knowing that they actually got something from a previous lesson!

Anyway, later in the day we made coin glyphs. We have been studying money, coin values, and counting money but today we talked about the symbols on each coin and we made our own glyphs. They turned out really cute too!

I got this idea from this website. It is called "My Coins Go Jingle-Jangele".


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