Friday, March 25, 2011

Never Ending Week

The week after spring break seems like it is always the never-ending week!! I feel like it is the first week of school because I am exhausted! We did manage to get something done this week...but only because our reading story was the fabulous "Olivia". I love this story! The kids loved reading it too!

So after taking some advice from Abby on the Inspired Apple I created some writing prompts using Olivia Valentines I found at Target last month. They all show Olivia in different poses and activities. We thought they were super cute and today we tried our hand at "buddy writing". We do "buddy reading" A LOT but this writing was a first. The kids did great! They brainstormed their ideas in their journal with their buddy and then we had a "Writer's Conference" where I helped them organize their writing. It was fun and we got some good stories out of it!

Also, because of Olivia's love of the art musuem we have been studying art too! After we spent a few days discovering which art we really like, and which ones we "just don't get" as Olivia would say we created our own. Just like Olivia we painted on the wall (ok it was butcher paper, but they liked the idea it was the wall!)

I am in the midst of planning some kind of comparative adjective project for next week! Will update soon :)


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