Sunday, April 1, 2012

Favorites in Space and Currently

So, I promised some more of my favorite activities from our Space unit and I know I am late but I am here to deliver. I have been kind of MIA lately... kind of feeling the end of the year blues. It is only a month and half away until the end of the year and I am feeling blah...the feeling where I don't wanna go to work tomorrow and I am so unmotivated, and really am not in a "chipper" mood. Anybody else here yet? I absolutely HATE feeling this way! Not only do I hate feeling this way but I am sure my kids hate it and it is so not fair to them! This week we have Friday off, Thursday a full day field trip, and Wednesday I have a PD day, so saying it is a short week is an understatement! Having only 2 real days to plan for makes me even more un-motivated to do some planning... we will be flying by the seat of our first grade pants (also, hoping for excellent weather for a long recess!) Anyway, sorry for the short rant! Here are some things I love this week: We made a fun foldable about the planets in our Solar System (including our little dwarf planet, Pluto...just can't let go). I got the foldable idea from A Teacher's Treasure and it is awesome. Thinking we will do it again sometime before the end of the year. It is called a secret door foldable. (Click the link for a tutorial to make one.) It looks simple enough...from the outside. Here is the cover:
Then you open it and see:
Here is a side view:
If you push together the outside pieces and pull apart the inner flaps like this:
Then you see a secret door with a whole another set of info:
My kids were so excited about this. We read this Gail Gibbons book: We made charts of info we read about on each page. Then cut and paste the facts about the planets into the book. You can get your copy of the facts here! Here are some more pictures of their hard work:
My last love in the space unit we have done were from Mrs. Tabb's freebie Space Unit (found here). We are studying adjectives too. So, first we made our aliens. Then we paired with partners and compared (using adjectives while writing).
Last, but not least, I am linking up with Farley's Currently.
Hope you have a fab week (I know I am going to make mine great...even with parent/teacher conferences)! Photobucket


  1. I LOVE the aliens and the foldable. So cute!

    I am a new follower. I found your adorable blog through Farley's Linky Party.

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