Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Happy Hump-Day!

Hey all! This may be hard to believe... but I have finally made it to the 20 DAY COUNTDOWN! I am so excited (duh!) but my kids are even more excited because of this:
You have probably seen this idea on pinterest!
This afternoon my assistant (who I think I won't be able to live without next year!) and I hung these ballooons during specials (which thankfully is at the end of the day!) When our kids cam back in from P.E. they could not contain themselves! The hanging was somewhat bittersweet... after all this is the last thing that will be hanging from my ceiling this year! *tear*
If you are wondering what exactly the significance of the balloons are and haven't seen that wonderful pin on pinterest then let me explain. These balloons don't just represent a 20 day countdown; they also have little notes inside them. Each note has a fun activity to complete the day you pop it. Some of them are simple like: Extra Recess. Others are all day affairs... here is my fav:
LOL! This will be so much fun. After I typed this I went to Dollar Tree today and found this:
Yes! Now they can stay on all day... Ha!

These balloons are going to be so fun to open and they are counting down to the last day of school! Awesome! I know you are wondering what all the fun ideas are...
Click HERE to get all 20 ideas!!

Hopefully your countdown will be as fun-filled as ours! 
In other news, we have been super busy the past couple of weeks. We finished Junie B. today and are starting our projects tomorrow (super excited!!). I am hoping the kids enjoy it as much as I hope they do!  While reading Junie B. we have also been studying Farms and I don't think there is a better way to do this than with Deanna Jump's Fun on the Farm. We had so much fun doing this stuff last week... my absolute favorite was the Cow Glyph. They are super cute (I had to share):

We have also been studying fractions! Every year I do pizza fractions. I usually make the templates and give the kids options for toppings and then we do a whole writing thing with it but I took the easy way out... I bought some recipe cards (and I loved them!). The kids were obsessed with this activity!

Hope everyone has had a Happy Hump-Day! Don't forget to enter my Junie B. giveaway (it ends tonight!)!!!



  1. Love the balloon idea! I hadn't seen it on pinterest yet!


  2. Super cute balloon idea!! I especially love the notes you are putting inside of them! I wanted to do this, but the last few weeks just flew by too quickly, and now we only have 2 and a half days left! Definitely next year though!!

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