Thursday, April 12, 2012

MIA... and a Freebie!

I have been MIA this week... been working hard! My firsties (who are really smart!) are bored... yes, they are bored! They are looking at me like I am crazy during phonics lessons- ya know that look? Apparently, they already know these sounds.. hmmm... well, most of them do!

So, we are bumping it up this week and I am loving it! (I still have to fit in a couple boring phonics lessons) but I am making up for it with a novel study on none other than... Junie B. Jones! First graders love reading her books and we have multiple class sets at my school so, on a whim, I picked one out and decided we would do a 2-week study! We are halfway through the book and it is amazing to see how some of them are so ready for 2nd grade [tear] . I mean I want them to be ready but then I won't have them anymore... and this is quite possibly the best first grade class ever! 

Anyhoo, I haven't been able to find exactly what I want in the way of resources for the book we reading: Junie B. Jones has a Peep in her Pocket. Maybe I didn't look too hard but what I have found hasn't been so great. So... I am making a novel study packet for this story. I have been working so hard trying to make it math and literacy (it's not ready yet...) but it will be soon! I am kind of using things as I make them! I will have it ready by this weekend, so if you have this book at your school your planning will be done with this packet! Keep an eye out...for a freebie RIGHT NOW!

Here, is part of the math part of the packet that will be a fun center.

Click here to connect to TPT and download this center. If you like it, check back in a couple days and the packet for Junie B. will be posted and you can get it all...who knows, there may be a giveaway in our near future! Photobucket


  1. Ooh, thank you! We start fractions next week and I haven't had any domino centers. This will be just different enough that they will LOVE it!

    Thanks for sharing! You're awesome!

    Luckeyfrog's Lilypad

  2. Looking forward to the Junie B study! My firsties are bored as well. Thanks for the freebie!

    Strive to Sparkle