Sunday, March 25, 2012

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Freebie

We are preparing for our free field trip to the Adventure Science Center (where we will be studying Space) so it is only fitting for us to do our own little study of Space before we go. We have learned alot I haven't posted about but these are my two favorite things so far. (Later in the week I will be posting about what I think will be the 3rd favorite thing... I won't know until after we do it!!)

First, after learning about the moon, we created haiku's about the moon. Let me just say that before beginning the lesson I thought for sure I was going to regret it. You know when you have a lesson that you are for sure that the kids are going to look at you like you have seven heads? I thought this was the lesson for that... to my surprise they were so into it. They caught on to the concept quickly and were coming up with awesome lines for our poems. As a group we made choices for our 5 syllable and 7 syllable lines. Then, individually, they chose what to put on each line. I was thoroughly impressed by them!! If you want to make some moon haikus with your class grab a copy HERE.

My next favorite space related activity was constellations. We learned about stars and then started reading some stories on constellations and how they were formed. We talked about myths and tried finding constellations here. It was really really HARD!!! Anyway, the culminating activity was creating our own constellations.

The kids LOVED this activity!! This week we are learning about the planets and I think we will throw in a little alien fun to spice it up!

In other news, my good friend Alisha over at Blissful Days in Second Grade just finished creating an amazing new money unit. Click here to check it out in her store!
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  1. Pinned this post for TBA Science Board and Freebie board. Love it!

  2. The constellations are adorable! Looks fun and i can just picture kids with star stickers on theri faces as they figured out their constellation!

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