Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spring Break!!

I don't think I have ever been so excited to deal with a toddler all week (not to mention potty training a toddler!) So far, spring break hasn't been anything too happy! Yesterday it started with strep throat and now that I am feeling better I am sitting here waiting on a 2 year old to potty. Don't judge me for the time (it is Spring Break after all!)

Speaking of Spring Break, I am hoping when yours comes it gets off to a better start than mine.

I have added a couple new products including:


In addition to these packs, I have combined my long vowel combo packs into one big zip file at a discounted price. Anyhoo, my sale will run through Friday night. So get something cheap :)

Have a good week!! (If your working, I am sorry!!)



  1. I am working until Good Friday! No break yet...bummer!Got to check out those packets!
    TPT is addictive!

  2. I am not counting, but we have 12 school days until our break. Your stuff looks great.