Monday, March 5, 2012

Currently... and a thought!

Before you start reading let me forewarn you that this post is not exactly teaching related, so I'll give you a minute to get out of planning mode and into a more of a fluff type mode. Ready? Good.
The past couple weeks I have been thinking A LOT about how much I work. I know we all work a lot and it is probably a safe bet to say that we all just do it, without thinking, without hesitation, without feeling too terribly stressed. Most of us teachers are extreme multitaskers who get the job done no matter the time, cost, or lack of sleep. I know each of you can relate to this sometimes-overwhelming job; so, more than likely each of you can relate to this post.

Have you ever really stopped to think about how much we actually work? With school, grading papers, phone calls, emails, blog stuff, creating intriguing and fun lessons, and then sometimes sleep-- what else do we do with our lives and how do we have time for it all?

I have especially been wondering this when trying to balance work and family time. Between my husband and two little ones I am drained. I am giving to school, to kids, to parents, to other teachers, to friends, to family, and to my own kiddos and hubby. Don't get me wrong- I am not complaining! I love my job, family, friends, and kids... but have recently been made aware that you cannot just give, give, give! Sometimes you have to take...

Take some time for yourself! (OMG--- Can't believe I just said that!!) Seriously though, we are constantly doing stuff for other people that I know I have forgotten about me. Last week I took the day off (**a personal day**) and I took care of me! I never do this but by the end of the day I felt like a new person. I was relaxed, peaceful, and not even sleepy! That day made me realize that in the grand scheme of things none of the things we do will be accomplished with complete success unless we are taken care of! I am sure some of you wiser teachers out there have already figured this out!?! I don't know why I am just now doing it!

I love linking up with Farley for her Currently linky party! We all have such fun things to share!

The three words are something a student, a friend and a family member would say (but the words must start with the first letter of your last name- D). I think at least one of my students would say I am dapper (we learned this word last week- they were all over it). My friends think I am delightful- when and if they ever get to see me! (Need to work on that too!) My family definitely thinks I am determined to be the best (basically I am an overachiever!)-- my dad told me the other day that I don't always have to be the best, He said, “Laura, it is ok! You don’t have to be super teacher!” (Maybe I have a problem!)

Anyway, what would your students, friends, and family say about you? Link up with us and have a great night!



  1. Thank you for visiting my blog and for the lovely comments!!! You are so sweet! I am now following you right back!

    Better watch out...hehehe


    The 3AM Teacher

  2. Oh I couldn't agree with you more...I don't take enough mental health days...and when I do, I get sucked into errands, housework - stuff like that. Good for you!!!!!

    Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade

  3. I truly understand the "taking time out for yourself" aspect of teaching and running a household! Thanks for the reminder!

    After all that self-care, you deserve not one award but 2! Enjoy! Stop by and check it out!