Monday, September 30, 2013


I love getting packages in the mail. Well... I am sure you do too! So, when I saw this fun party I couldn't resist signing up! Check out Lessons with Coffee... she is organizing this teacher swap every month! Here is how it works:

1. You sign up on Lessons with Coffee blog page.
2. She will email you the details.
3. You make a sweet package for a teacher friend you have been linked with.
4. You recieve a sweet package!

** Best part of all, you get some new bloggy friends and some very thoughtful gifts!

So, I got paired up with Amanda from My Shoe String Life. She was the blogger I sent to! My sender is Jessica at What I have learned.

Anyway... I got my slantbox today from Jessica! It was a bittersweet moment when I met up with the postlady. She said, "Um... be careful with this. I think I heard some clinking. But, I'm sure it is not broken!"

So, I took my mail inside, very optimistically. I started opening, but... yup there was a break! Poo!

The coffee cup handle broke! I have the pieces though... so I will be glueing! The theme this month was Oops I forgot ______! Jessica included a coffee cup (to get my mind moving with some coffee), and cute little notepad to jot down notes, a candle and some handcrafted coasters. Very cute! 

Thanks Jessica! 

The SLANT Box Exchange

Go sign up!! 


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