Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Do you webquest?

I love finding new ways for my kids to get on the computer and research! I don't want them to only think that the computer is a gaming tool!

A couple weeks ago, I blogged about a website that my kids LOVE. It is called pebblego. Check out my post: (click!)

So, we use pebblego for lots of different lessons.. whole group, small groups, cooperative learning! Anyway, we have started using it for some webquests! We go to the computer lab, clipboards in hand, and get to reading and searching for new info!! 

We have done one webquest on Soils, thanks to my awesome teammate (who just happens to be my son's 2nd grade teacher)! In fact, I just found out that she has been posting some of her stuff on TPT--- so I must give her a shout out! Check out some of her webquests and other helpful tools here at VandyPenguins

She recently made one for maps (which we just started studying) but I wanted something a little bit different so I made my own! I made them for different types of maps. I am planning on having my kids split into groups and study political, physical, and road maps. After we complete the webquests, we are going to do a jigsaw and teach each other about the different maps. **sidenote... I have never done a jigsaw with my students before. I've participated in lots of jigsaws but I never really thought kids could really do a good job of teaching each other! Here's to hoping I am soooo wrong! 

Anyway, I am sharing my webquests with you. Unfortunatly, you need to have access to pebblego to utilize. 

(Click on the images to be connected to my dropbox!)

Physical Maps

 Political Maps

Road Maps

I had something else to share today but I forgot to take pics! So, hopefully you will hear from me tomorrow!

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I have never heard of this web tool before. Definitely something to think about!