Sunday, October 6, 2013

autumn review

Tomorrow marks the beginning of a 2 week fall break!

You read that right.. 2 weeks! I am so relieved that I will get this break, but this past week was ROUGH! Everyday I had to drag myself out of bed and I wished for Friday. I hate feeling like that... not only am I dragging but I don't feel like I am all there for my kids.

These 2 weeks to recharge should help a lot!

So, to keep us busy learning before fall break, we learned all about Autumn. We read informational texts about fall, animals in fall, and how plants change. We kept a circle map going all week, where we continually added post its to our map and schema. On Friday we took all the things we learned and discussed and created AUTUMN acrostic poems.

This one is my favorite! 

We also made origami leaves to hang with our poems in the hall. **Note: We probably should have done some other origami before this to get them use to the folding. It was a definite process, but the leaves turned out pretty good!

You might be wondering what those long strips of paper that are hanging... 

We have been studying measurement with inches, feet, and yards. I think the best way to learn about this concept is by working with measurement tools, so that is what we have been doing all week. 

First, we measured each other with yarn and then used rulers to measure the yard we cut:

They had to measure in feet and inches. I think they really enjoyed this!

Closer to the end of the week we did something called Measurement by the Yard. Basically you cut yard-length pieces of register tape and students follow directions to measure and draw pictures at specific heights. 

I adapted my Measurement by the Yard to be Fall by the Yard:

Here is one more picture to leave you with:

As I was taking my pictures, my son insisted I take a picture of his work too! He is such a smart boy! 

Well.... I'm sure you will hear from me later this week :)


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