Monday, May 6, 2013

Happy Teacher, Happy Learning!

Yay for Teacher Appreciation Week! It always feels good to feel appreciated... it doesn't hurt that today marks 14.5 days remaining in the school year! We started our 20 day countdown last week during SAT 10... there's one way to celebrate testing... lol

Last year I hung balloons from the ceiling and we popped one everyday to get our countdown on... But, this year, I can't hang stuff from my ceiling. (It has kinda been a bummer all year!) I still wanted to countdown with balloons so my team-mate and I decided to hang the balloons in between our classrooms and countdown together.

We are having so much fun doing this-- and the kids love it! 

It is hard to keep it interesting at this point in the year, but check out this cute activity we did last week...

We were reading the story "Cool Jobs" in our reading series so we completed job applications about what we wanted to be when we grew up. They were adorable! You can check out this fun stuff from the "Cool Jobs" packet out of my Treasures supplements:

I am still working on finishing up Unit 6 in Treasures. Then I am going to go back and get Unit 1 completed for next year. You can get a deal if you shop this week. 

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Also, I have 30% off all items on Teacher's Notebook. 

Have a happy teacher week! 


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