Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Quick Little Freebie!

Yes, blogworld, I am here.

I am sooo close to the end of my masters- then you will see much much more of me! I swear!

My little firsties are getting their fill of me though- I am prepping them this week for SAT 10 next week! Not my favorite week of the year but Monday will begin my 20 day countdown... so it's not too bad! *Promise to post more about that this weekend! *

Anyway, we are learning all about plants this week while doing our test prep and I put together this really simple freebie to practice plant facts and opinions. It is a cut/paste activity that can help you review facts and opinions about plants.

This is the answer key. 
This is so totally not fancy- just a quicky before I go to bed :) Click the picture for a dropbox download!

I so promise to update y'all with pictures and words in the coming weekend and weeks! 

Now, ready for sleep!


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