Thursday, April 11, 2013

graphing lovers

Graphing + Fruit= yum!

We ate some fruit and did some interactive graphing!

First we did the pictograph. Poor ol' star fruit wasn't the hit I had hoped for. Might have been because I didn't really know how to serve it properly... We still got a good taste though. So we each chose our favorite from our tasting and made a pictograph. 

The next day we took our pictograph data and turned it into a bar graph. I just used some index cards and each student colored a card to match their fruit from the day before. This really helped the kids see how each picture and each part of the graph represented the data the same way. 

Then the kids paired up and made some observations about our data. 

We spent a couple days making these but it really helped out our graphing unit! The last day we made a tally chart and compared the three. We were able to see that no matter how the data was represented, it didn't change. 

After we went through the Envisions topic (well most of it), we had a culminating group project. 
Each group was given some data in a different format. Some groups got tally charts, while others got bar graphs and others got pictographs. Then, each group had to change the info they had into what they didn't had. For example, if your group got a pictograph, then you had to make a bar graph and a tally chart to match your data. 


If you want to try this with your kiddos, you can download this freebie here

Oh and guess what.... tomorrow is Friday!!! woot woot!


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