Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Awards Day!

It's fast approaching... the last day of school! I think we have six and a school days remaining! My firsties and I are sooo ready for summer!!!

Next week we are having a little Awards Assembly in our classroom. We will have the usual awards (honor roll, perfect attendance....) but I also wanted to add in a few more for a couple things my kiddos have worked really hard on this year.

First, is accelerated reader. My kids read a lot and we have quarterly goals for AR. This quarter no one made their goal!! We had soo much going on that they just weren't focused :( I am not upset though, and I hope they won't be either, once they get one of these fun AR awards next week.

We also use a very awesome math website, IXL. The kids can log on at school and home and complete math problems that are grade specific. Sometimes I would assign specific problems for homework-depending on what we were studying, other times they get to choose what topics to do. This site is not free but has so many capabilities, it is pretty awesome!!
Anyway, I am giving math awards for IXL too. 

These awards are posted for free in my TPT store! Click the pictures above for the link :)


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