Wednesday, October 17, 2012

this is how we do it: non-fiction

I am sure most of know the emphasis these Common Core standards have, so any little trick to reading comprehension of non-fiction books is always welcome! I love reading non-fiction and the kids get soo into learning about things that they don't already know. I am sure we all use these:

Kind of like a KWL.. love this!

My favorite charts look like this:
I love graphic organizers with the Schema, Misconceptions, and New Learning! These really show the new learning! (The one above we did for Valentine's Day last year :)

Anyway, I made a different graphic organizer for this week. We are studying prairie dogs this week. Tuesday I modeled how to use this organizer and today we shared the pen. They did the writing. 

This is called 3-2-1 Writing.
First you write 3 interesting things you read.
Next you write 2 things new to you.
Then you write 1 question you still have.

I have seen this idea in a bookmark form (which I may re-create). I thought it was a great idea to get the kids thinking. If you would like a copy of these writing posters click here.

Next time, I am going to split the kids into groups and have them do their own 3-2-1's.

(oh and good luck decoding those words... creative spelling can be crazy!)

What is your favorite way to show student learning?

In other subjects... like math... we did doubles today! I found an awesome activity on TPT last night (last minute planner!):

I loved this activity! We made little i pods with the Doubles Rap on it. The kids were so excited to learn the rap. Best part.. it is free!! 

Ok... gotta go to bed.. Have a great rest of the week!

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  1. I have been doing the doubles rap for years, but the ipod template is adorable:)

    The Resourceful Apple