Friday, October 26, 2012

the dreaded.... evaluation... gulp

This week I had my first evaluation of the year... I would like to be nervous or have some care about it, but I just can't!

The whole week I have been... kind of... side tracked... so- whoop-de-doo to the evaluation.

I mean I felt that way until Wednesday night... when I was getting the plan together (some may say scrambling). I mean I never had time until the night before to get things together.... sorta been a slacker this week!

Anyway, I am sure the lesson was just fine... I did it on determining the operation by using keywords in addition/subtraction story problems. I couldn't find just the right book to open my lesson, so I just made a little something (you know, on Wednesday night!)...

It turned out to be cute and helpful! Here it is:

Click the picture for the Free download on TPT.

Those little detective kids are cute right? Those were some adorable FREE clipart! I found this spectacular FREE clipart site... that has quite possibly been under my nose this whole time...

(sometimes I get so caught up in buying some adorable clipart that I forget to search for free stuff!)

Anyway, the creator, Laura Strickland, is amazing because it is all free and there is so much of it! You have to click right now to see the cute graphics that are at your disposal (did I mention they are free?!?)

Don't stay up too late looking at this cute stuff! Oh, and don't forget to enter my Christmas Card giveaway from Tiny Prints. Click here to get in... ends 10/28 :)


  1. We just had ours too. No matter what I'm doing, even if it's something I have complete confidence in, it still makes me nervous :).


  2. Evaluation always makes me nervous. No matter what! I'm glad it went well.