Friday, October 12, 2012

blender blends freebie

Look at this cute blender:

Last month, we studied blends (with a focus on ending blends) and in a couple weeks we are going to focus on beginning blends so we will use this blender again soon!! Anyway, we made a big ol' smoothie with our blender. My kids made the fruit they wanted in it and then added a blend to the shape and we taped it on the blender. 

Now, when we focus on beginning blends I want to still use our blender. So, I made this little activity:

That is the completed project. Each student will get a blender like this:
 And fruit like this:

They will choose 2 different fruits. Write the blends on one fruit and make the rest of the blend word on the other fruit- like in the completed example above. 

This activity is actually part of my newest Treasures packet:

but I just had to share because I cannot wait to do this activity!!! Click below to get your own free copy!! :)
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