Saturday, August 25, 2012

Late Freebie Friday and an AMAZING pencil

I know... I am late... It seems sometimes in this bloggy world we make our own time! I have been working hard to start centers next week. It will be challenging, but it WILL happen!

I hope to actually pull a small group by the end of the week... it's only the 4th week of school...
we have learned a few things...

For example: I learned on Friday that First Grade will be taking the Stanford Achievement Test this year! Am I super excited about this?

I don't know... Should I be? Apparently, teachers in our county haven't been happy with the new eval. system-- part of it includes TCAP scores (which are not from 1st grade) being averaged into our evaluations. I can understand that frustration but my firsties are not, I REPEAT, NOT ready for a standardized test! Who's with me on this? Any of you going through this?

I am going to get over it... I mean.. I don't have a choice! So, we REALLY REALLY need to start guided reading ASAP!

I know I posted all summer about D5 and I really really really wanted to implement it but with my late move, my lack of leveled readers, and my EL kids--- it isn't happening right now! It may happen at Christmas... just slowly take away a center a week until all that is left is D5. We shall see... I hope everyone else is moving right along with it!

That is why I am a late linker. I stayed at school for 3 hours today (with my sweet little girl) to prepare centers for Monday morning. Glad that is out of the way... and I was even able to go get some frozen yogurt at our fave, Sweet Cece's, with my little helper.
Phone photo
Now, I can get on with it! I made this freebie a couple weeks ago but didn't post about it. I used it to go along with Topic 1 of Scott Foresman Envisions Math. It was a good "I have, Who has?" ice breaker.

You can click either picture for a link to my TPT store! 
In other news... have you heard of Zebra pens? You can buy them at along with a ton of other supplies (that we use on a daily basis!). I got this neat little binder full of pens in the mail the other day and I can't wait to use them...

You know you can't resist a good pen that just rolls across the paper. I have a favorite pen. (Addison tried to take it out of my purse today-- it wasn't happening!). Anyway, here are some nice writing utensils that are worth a look:

These are all clicker pens... I love a good clicker!

I love this little mechanical pencil! So adorable! It is called a Cadoozle and it is adorable! I am thinking of getting these for birthday presents... you know the kids will love them! 

You should check out for more than just pencils... but that will be my next purchase :)

Last bit of info...

I don't know if anyone recalls this but I was starting a series for Reading Street supplements over the summer and then I switched jobs. I switched to a county that uses Treasures so I will not be adding anymore Reading Street packets to my shop... I will be adding supplemental Treasures packets! I am getting a late start (because of the move... LOL- I wonder how long I can use that excuse for!), so the first one I am posting is for Unit 1, Week 4- Pet Tricks. I will eventually go back and create the first three weeks but I am just going to start from here.
You can click the picture to check it out on TPT! 
Ok, I know that was a long one... Enjoy the freebie and the rest of your weekend!!


  1. Thanks for the freebie! Great math activity with dot/number identification. I will be printing it today:)

    The Resourceful Apple

  2. Oh hon, do I know what you mean about the testing! I'm in Knox County, not too far from you, and my kiddos are not ready either! troubles me, lol! But on a good note, I'm so excited that you're going to be creating Treasures goodies, as we use it too! WOOHOO! Thank you again for the freebie and I'm looking forward to seeing what you create!

  3. I am in Rutherford County and also use EnVisions and Treasures. I'm so glad to know that I can come to you to find activities for each!! I am NOT excited about the Stanford 10 either. First graders and standardized tests do not mix!! Looking forward to seeing what else you create!