Saturday, August 11, 2012

back to school show and tell

I am finally feeling normal... I mean I actually bought some clip art today like I might get around to creating something...eventually!

I took some pictures of my class yesterday... it is still a work in progress but I wanted to share a few things with ya'll...
Here is the inside of my door. I keep my door open 75% of the time so I put this display on the inside of the door. You can download this here
Here is the view when you first walk in
The Reading Nook

Our first bulletin board. 
I wrote all their names on sentences strips and cut up into puzzles pieces. I put the puzzles in individual baggies and each student got their own bag. (I put their #'s on the baggies and made sure they didn't get a bag with their own number on it!) Then they had to put the puzzles together and find their friend (the one who's name was in the bag). Then they drew portraits of each other. Too Cute! I have some awesome artists!!!

Here is my transportation display. We have colored buses, so along with names I added colors to the bus riders. Look at all those bus riders! OMG! These tags are in my mustache packet :)

Here is my hallway display. This makes it easy to change out work fast!!
First, I laminated 20 large pieces of black construction paper. 
Next, I attached clothes pins with hot glue. I made glitter clothespins for this (it was fun, easy, and fast!). Just modge podge, dip in glitter, let dry, re-modge podge, and let dry overnight! Easy peasy!
Finally, I took each student's profile picture the first day. I printed them in black and white, 5x7 size on colored copy paper and laminated them. Then cut out around the profile. Now each student has their silhouette where their work in hanging! I used lime green, blue, and turquoise paper. It is adorable! 

We started Math Envisions this week. I almost forget every year how basic you start. The first topic is numbers 0-12 (it is pretty boring for most of them!) but we are going to do it! I tried to add some fun on Friday. We made fish bowls. They worked in pairs and had to show a word problem with fish counters.  Each two-some had a different number to represent. Here is a completed one:

When they were finished we put glitter on the bottom to look like colorful rocks in the bottom of a bowl. They loved it, and it actually went along with the topic :) I got the bowl and fish from another blog: Give your Octopus a Paintbrush (or 8). She is a stay at home mom that creates printables. So I adapted it for us by adding a story problem to the top. I made this last year (at the beginning), so it is pretty basic but it served its purpose. 
 If you want to use, you can download it on Scribd here:

Math Word Problem

Oh, and don't forget... the big:

Thanks to Amy Lemons for the great sign!

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  1. Love your cute profile pics. I always do it by hand and it takes FOREVER. I'm going to try taking their pictures this year.

  2. I adore the self portraits. What a cool idea!

    ΡΌ Lori
    Teaching With Love and Laughter

  3. Your door came out great! I did the same on my door & I am so excited about it! :)
    Learning Is Something to Treasure