Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Ready for a Day Off?

I don't know about you, but I am ready to be off on President's Day! I actually took off today because my 2 year old woke up with a fever, but she acted completely normal all day! Isn't that how it always happens?! So, with my day off I did a few things... I made heart shaped crayons out of a bunch of old broken crayons (for my kids Valentine's cards). It took A LONG time!! Really it was just the removal of the crayon paper that took forever. I got some cute silicone ice cube trays from the Dollar Bin at Target and used those for my molds. My inspiration came from none other than: Pinterest. Check out this pin to know what I am talking about!

Also, I finished my mini-unit for President's Day mini-unit.

My sister is a complete history buff and at about 3 my son had a little bit of an obsession with George Washington. So, I thought with President's Day less than 2 weeks away this would be a fun mini-unit! Here is a little freebie....

If you like that than check it out on TPT or TN. It is only $2, so it won't break the bank! :)
Ya'll have a GREAT night!!!


p.s. The first 2 people who comment on this post (with their email address) will get the mini-unit for FREE!!


  1. Wow! How nice of you!

  2. Love the freebie and would love the mini!! I teach 1st grade as well. My e-mail is rmontgomery@darlingtonschool.org

  3. Looks great! I wanted to let you know cause I notice people stop commenting once they see they can't win anything! haha! Thanks for the freebie :)