Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Motherly instincts...Listen to them!!

So, as I mentioned yesterday I stayed home with my little one yesterday for a slight fever but a happy attitude. I thought something was wrong with her but she was acting so normal I didn't take her to the doctor-- I HATE paying a co-pay for no reason (b/c usually "it's just a virus")! This morning I gave her some tylenol and took her on into school. She had a great day at school but wouldn't eat a snack when I picked her up! By the time we finally got home (45 minutes later) she had almost a 103 degree fever! What?! How did this happen? Turns out she has a DOUBLE ear infection! Poor baby... feeling like a total dud of a mom tonight! Then after taking her to a minute clinic (because my pediatrician is horrible with no late office hours) I had to pin her down to give her meds while she was literally spitting them in my face! My hubby was completely losing his patience with this [he was helping me hold her down] and I was laughing-- I just couldn't believe she was actually spitting it- not just on me- but in my face!!

She is now sound asleep in my bed...which is ok because I love cuddling with my little Addie Mae. Not sure my hubby can agree though-- I think he will be on the couch.

Anyway, today we worked with contractions in first grade. Look at this pin to see something fab we used. I made these paint-chip contraction cards this weekend and I didn't think much of it, but the kids thought it was the coolest game... you would have thought we were having recess or something! Basically each student had a card, they had to read the words then fold the paint chip and read the contraction. Then, they had to record their words and contraction on a recording sheet. After about a minute they swapped cards. We did this 12 times.

Click here to get the recording sheet. I am telling you they loved it... I think I can pull this out again with praise! The best part was they weren't just copying the words they were actually reading and talking to each other about it! I loved it as much as they did! I have some pics of them but I will update later, as I am going to snuggle up with my sweet girl!

UPDATE: Here are some photos of my kids working with the paint chip contraction cards!



  1. You are NOT a dud! Some kids just have a higher tolerance for pain so we don't know to what degree they are youngest used to get ear infections and I had NO idea he had one...he never complained!!!!

    Hugs to you!!!!!

    Love the contraction activity! Some of my kiddos still look at contractions and say the two words instead of the contraction, when they read. This will be great practice!!!

    Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade

  2. My youngest never runs a fever when he has an ear infection. When he starts acting like he doesn't feel well and I take him to the doctor, he almost always has a double ear infection.

    Thank you for the contraction practice sheet. It is great!

    First Grade Magic