Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Bossy R and YouTube

Hey ya'll! I can't believe it is already 9 o'clock. Wheew... I am ready for bed! I wanted to make a quick post about a couple of things first. So, remember that bossy r sort I posted the other day? Well, we are using it a couple different ways in our classroom. I printed out a second copy of words and gave each kiddo one. Then we practiced writing with them. Before they could write a sentence with their bossy r word they had to illustrate the word.

How cute is that tiger?? I love it when a student can pull the idea right out of my head!

Do you use You Tube? I know most districts have it blocked [mine does]. I know there is a lot of crap on there but there is also a lot of good stuff. Like this one:

I am planning an Eric Carle unit right now so that is why I have this one on my mind. But recently I have used videos off you tube for MLK, polar bears and penguins. So, wanna know how to watch a YouTube video at school?

It all starts at home!
1. Find the YouTube video you like.
2. In another tab or window open
3. Copy and paste the url for that video from YouTube in the text box on SaveVid.
4. Click download.
5. Next, a small picture of the video you want will show up and then some options for the type of download you will choose.
6. I always choose mp4 then after the file downloads I save it into my iTunes.
7. Once you save it to your desktop you can email to yourself at school.
8. Now you can watch your video at school.

This is really helpful to me and hopefully to you too!! Think I am heading to bed EARLY! :)