Thursday, July 28, 2011

Target Project Anyone...

Much like the rest of humankind, I LOVE Target. I cannot go in that place without spending $100. The sad part is I load up from the dollar bin--my hubby thinks I am certifiable but I can't resist! So, today I loaded up on these fabulous little accordian file folders:

These are miniature and perfect for flashcards among other things. My "among other things" will include: punchcards (so students can easily keep up with them) and "Blue Jay Bills" (our school positive behavior incentive money that students can spend in a store). I am loving this idea!!

Check it out-- I put labels on each tab: Need to Practice, Sight Words (2 tabs), Math Facts, Blue Jay Bills, and Punchcards. The first tab can be used for specific sight words or math facts that need to be practiced. So if we are studying certain words they will be in this tab to practice at home. After the student has mastered their cards they will get a new set to go in that tab and the cards that have been mastered will go back under the sight words tabs. Same with Math Facts. Blue Jay Bills can be kept in their tab until spent and the Punchcards will be brought out daily for punches.

I am calling these S.T.A.R. Files. (Students Taking Academic Responsibility). I am hoping this will be a great way for students to keep up with their own stuff. The label has S.T.A.R. in yellow...sorry you can't see!

Please excuse the need of a manicure ASAP!!

I cannot wait to use these and they are perfect for going back and forth from home to school! Parents will know what should be practiced and will be able to see how many punches their child has received on their card! Plus these can be used year after year. I just wrote numbers on them to assign to students!

So, if you would like to create these it is super easy and not too time consuming. To save you time I have labels here.

Have fun creating!


  1. What a great idea!!! I think ALL teachers have a problem going into Target spending no less than $100. My fiance' won't even go to Target with me, in his mind I don't need half the stuff I buy. I hope he learns this will never end. LOL


  2. I use the bigger accordion folders from the dollar spot to hold my reading curriculum and centers. We have 5 themes, so each them is a different folder. Within each theme, there are 5 stories, so each story gets its own pocket in the folder. I place all necessary worksheets and centers for each week in its designated pocket. That way, when I need to take it home, it's smaller than a binder or my teacher manual and I have EVERYTHING that I need in one place!

  3. This is awesome! I am definitely going to try something like this. I find it hard to get students to organize themselves, let alone keep myself organized!
    A question though, what are punch cards? Is that some sort of incentive. I looked through your blog and couldn't find anything on it.

  4. I'm looking at this and thinking it sounds like a great idea. I am interested in how it worked for you, now that we are into the middle of the year? Did the folders hold up? Would you do anything differently?

  5. I am thinking about doing something like this for next year. I am also wondering how these worked out for you. Would like any feedback you have. ThAnKs!!!

  6. What a brilliant idea! I am always having to pick up flashcards in the hallway and wonder why bother making them if the kids can't hold on to them. Thanks for sharing!