Monday, July 18, 2011

Fun work!

Today (during nap time) I got to work on a project I have been putting off. A couple of weeks ago I bought some small bookcases on Craigslist and was going to paint the sides with chalkboard paint and make each side a center location. I have been debating on chalkboard and magnetic paint or just chalkboard...then I found chalkboard contact paper and that made my decision for me because it was super cheap!! I found a six foot roll on Amazon for $6.

So today I finished one of the bookcases. I decided to put some cute school bus fabric I had leftover from last year on top. Then I took some leftover yellow ribbon and hot glued it to the edges. It turned out a lot cuter than I thought.

Unfortunately I ran out of ribbon and am trying to decide it I want to do something different on the other bookcase do I didn't finish that one.

This year I am going to have a big chalkboard in my room (along with the whiteboard). I think I am going to get chalkboard markers for the chalkboard contact paper and the smearing! Has anybody out there used them before?? Just want to make sure there fabulous before I shell out the cash.

This chalkboard contact paper can be cut into any shape and size, which makes it awesome!! Some of my leftovers are making great labels for my book bins!

Anyway, my internet is down so I am posting from my phone. Hopefully more fun postings soon :)



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