Saturday, July 30, 2016

teaching math

It's been a while since I've posted... a long while! oops!! Been a little busy.... teaching....moving....teaching...moving again..... working on my doctorate! It's time to start back blogging though!

So, this year more big changes are about to happen as I take on my biggest challenge as an educator.... leaving second grade and taking a job teaching 6th grade math! I am excited to start something new and challenging, but I am also full of anxiety--- I literally have no idea what to expect! So many differences between elementary and middle!

One awesome difference has been how much less money I've spent this summer on my classroom. Turns out a lot of middle school teachers don't actually decorate. I've done a little decorating though:

Ok... so not the best pics... it's a start though!

So, now that I'll be in math I have grand plans to have my students embrace the growth mindset this year. One of the other math teachers across the hall found this bulletin board:

Since I am out of bulletin board space... I turned this great idea into a poster! Now, it can be hung anywhere ;)
Click the picture to download.

My school has a poster printer! Whoop whoop.... so I'm gonna print this and hang it after we have our initial growth mindset lessons. I'm also going to shrink it and print it small enough to glue it into interactive notebooks too...There will be no forgetting it!

I've uploaded this freebie to my TPT shop! I hope I will be adding much much more for math teachers this school year!