Tuesday, July 21, 2015

{late} monday must-haves

I am slightly tardy for this linky party, but I'm going to catch up... right now!

There are a few must-haves that I must have for school!

First, planning is the MOST important part of my year, so I always invest in some kind of planner. I usually buy one on TPT and spend lots of time printing and binding

and it looks beautiful.... but.....

this year I did something a bit different, and a little more expensive but I can't wait to get it in the mail!

I bought an Erin Condren.. from all the reviews I read, I'm pretty sure I won't regret it!

I'll be sure to post pictures, once I've gotten mine in the mail! 

Another planner I bought this year (that might be the best thing I've EVER bought on TPT) is a year-long planner. 

Being able to give myself a year long idea of skills and topics is extremely helpful! Once I filled this in and saw everything I was amazed!! You can click the picture above to download my year if you want to check it out!

A few more things I must have include:

Um... these magazine files from Ikea are amazing!! I love them and the price! I don't actually have an Ikea close by to Nashville (although Atlanta is just a day trip away!), but shipping is only about $10, which is totally worth it (if your ordering a few packs!) If you have an Ikea close by, run there to get these!!! You will not regret it.

When my room is finished, I'll show you how I will be using them this year!

One more thing you need:

I just got this flip book and I can't wait to use on Open House night! Less paper and no cutting and pasting! Love it!!

I'm going to try to catch up with this linky... so look for a 2nd post (oh my!) from me this afternoon! 

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