Saturday, November 17, 2012

It is Turkey time in Tennessee!

I have to admit... I am not feeling the holidays yet. I mean, I feel like I don't have any TIME this year to do some of the stuff I was able to do last year. We have had so much going on at school, and time is flying... I just haven't been able to fit it all in! So, my firsties got a lack-luster Thanksgiving this year. We read some picture books all last week about Thanksgiving but I just didn't have time to do a HUGE Thanksgiving unit ;( I really wanted to though!! 

We did have time for this: 

The adorable Turkey Glyphs this week from Deanna's Thanksgiving unit. 

And this:

yes, that is pigeon. 

We did this play on disguise a turkey with Turkey Wants a Hot Dog. This was so much fun and look how cute they turned out! Technically we were working on Persuasive writing, but I don't think the kids felt like we were doing any kind of work... because this was so much fun (did I say that already?)

Look at some of their persuasion:

Since hot dogs can be prepared quickly, dinner will be ready soon. We will have more time to eat desert. 
Hot dogs can come in different sizes because for kids you can slice it to make it smaller. You can make a big hot dog for a grown up. 
I think hot dogs taste delish.
How funny are those!! Plus we got to read an old fave: Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog.

So, I mentioned earlier how I haven't had time for all the other Thanksgiving stuff. Our district provides us with Science kits that we "have to" use as our science curriculum. They are generally very helpful and supply us with almost everything we need to effectively teach the topic. The problem is we only get the kit for a limited time. So, it was either do weather during Thanksgiving or Christmas. I decided Thanksgiving so we could do a fun focus on Holidays Around the World for Christmas (I have a VERY multi-cultural class). 

The past couple weeks we have been learning about clouds and rain. The kids have been so excited about it. They love science!!!

We made cloud people:

I loved the idea on Abby's blog to show the height of the clouds by using legs. The kids had fun with this!! 

We talked about why clouds turn gray:

We did a little experiment on how rain comes from clouds:

I know we are all keeping busy... hopefully we can relax over Thanksgiving break! 
Have a great weekend and upcoming Turkey day (had to throw in my baby- she is ready for turkey!)!


  1. I felt the same way about lack of time! We read a few books, make a turkey craft similar to your paperbag turkey and did a book study with the Legend of Indian Paintbrush. Where did November go?

    The Resourceful Apple

  2. There's never enough time when there's so much to do!! I love the things you are doing!! Looks GREAT!! Thanks for sharing. Your kiddos, I'm sure are having a GREAT time in your class!

    First Grade and Fabulous

  3. Thanks for everything you've shared! Your daughter's shirt is so is she!! I love your persuasive writing, too!
    Owl Things First!