Tuesday, July 24, 2012

font party!

I love fonts. In fact, lately, when I see an awesome font (on pinterest) I literally have to say to myself (out-loud), "You already have soooo many fonts that you don't use! You will NEVER find that font in the list if you download today...Just pin it for later!"

Here is one from Babbling Abby the other day:

Look at those amazing fonts! I just want to go download them all... insert my little speech... ok, I am pinning for later. If you follow that link you will see that not all of those fonts (and the MANY others from that site) are free--- only some are. I am loving the mishka font (only $30! what?! ridiculous!). 

Run Miss Nelsons got the Camera

Anywho, I think we all love the fab fonts out there and I am linking up with Miss Nelson to show you a few of my faves THIS WEEK....

yes, they change pretty frequently- maybe weekly. I will get on a kick with a few fonts that I end up using for EVERYTHING then I change to something new. 
Don't know if you can read that top one: It is my fave font for student sheets (Trace Font for Kids). Of course, I can only use that on a few things that actually involve tracing :)
I am currently obsessed with all the fonts from Jen @ Hello Literacy. I love seeing the new fonts that everyone is able to make on their ipads. I will for sure start making some when I get an ipad (you know, in my dreams! LOL)

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Thanks for posting these...I just found a few new ones :) Headed to download!!

    The Learning Tree

  2. Fellow font lover right here. I have over 600...... Do you know about Wordmark.it? It's a website/computer app for google chrome ( but you don't have to use google chrome to use it) It loads all your fonts and displays them in one place so you came see what they look like. It's totally changed my font usage! I will leave you the link to my post as soon as I get to my 'real' computer (not phone)

  3. Here's the link to my post about Wordmark.it
    Enter my giveaway @ Fun in 1st Grade

  4. How can you make fonts on you iPad?