Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Daily 5- Chapter 4

Chapter 4 is getting into the nitty-gritty of how to do the Daily 5. This whole chapter is on "Read to Self". Seems pretty self explanatory right? Well, here are the details (according to the Sisters with a little bit of me thrown in there!):

You must start with:

Three Ways to Read a Book
1. Read and Talk about the pictures- this is really looking at the pictures, making predictions and inferences and telling the story by just looking at the pictures
2. Read the Words- Actually read the words in the story.
3. Retell a previously read book- Retelling a book in great detail, maybe using actual words and details that are inferred through picture reading.
Steps to using “Read to Self”
1. Begin in gathering place.
2. Teach 3 Ways to Read a Book (Split into 2 lessons)

a.     First day teach: Read Words and Pictures
b.     Second day teach: Retell a previously read book
      3. Make an I-chart headed “Read to Self”
a.     Why are we doing Read to Self: To become a better reader
b.     Add to the why list with ideas from the class
c.      Now, make the I-chart. It should look like this:

4. Choose a student to model what should be happening during Read to Self- Can do this a couple times J
5. Now, choose a student who might like to model Read to Self incorrectly. The sisters suggest choosing a students that is use to getting that negative attention (you know, that class clown that loves attention and being silly!)
a.     After that students incorrectly models, have that same student model correctly. Now, we ALL know that student knows what to do. 
            6. Imprint this word in your teaching brain: PRACTICE!!! Yes, it is time to practice… but only for a few minutes.
a.     Start with a 3-minute practice.
b.     Place students where you want them to read, with their book bins/bags. Make sure students are at least an arm’s length apart.
c.      Explain to students we are trying to build stamina.
d.     If any student is doing something they shouldn’t be, end Read to Self early and come back together.
      7. After 3 min, signal class to come back together in gather place.
      8. Review the I-chart and reflect on that day’s practice.
a.     You can use thumbs up, down and sideways to see how the students feel about what they just did.
b.     Have a discussion about what excited the kids about that day’s practice.
      9. Have 3 more minutes of practice and another check in.
    10. Review everything you did that day by going over the I-chart and expectations. 

Day 2 and beyond…
Figure 4-5 in the book has an awesome breakdown of days 1-4
Basically, keep going over the I-chart and practicing Read to Self. Everyday add another minute to Read to Self until you have gotten to your desired time. It may take a couple weeks but this practice is necessary.
 On Day 3, teach students where to sit and how to choose where to sit.

Guiding Questions
In reflecting on your students' work with these strategies, what can you celebrate at this point in the year?
I didn’t use Daily 5 last year so I am excited to see how my students react to it this year. Last year my kids loved to read. My main problem was them getting up and down to get another book. The book bags will solve that this year.

How might you help your students continue to build stamina within these areas?
Practicing everyday is super important and takes time. I need to be patient with my students, because I know taking the time to build the stamina will be beneficial in the end.

I made a little bookmark with the 3 ways to read and posters to go along with during your discussion. You could print them smaller so they can be pasted on your I-chart too.
Click the picture for your freebie! I am using DropBox for the first time to give a freebie! Please let me know if for some reason your freebie doesn't download. Thanks :)
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