Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Advice Please...

So, I am trying to create my own planning book. I am doing this for two reasons. I took a class this summer about designing your lessons backwards. This is a more long-term way of planning but it is geared toward student understanding. It is time consuming but there are multiple benefits to using it. Because of how time-consuming the "backwards" planning is, I am not attempting it at this point! I do, however, think this is the type of planning that the new evaluation system (in TN) is looking for. I want to make sure I score high on the evaluations but I also want some of the benefit of "backwards design". So, here is my potential planning sheet:

Click here to see a closer look!

Now to the advice part... what do you think?? Will this type of planning give me enough detail for a good (or great) evaluation throughout the school year??

The good part is I can type these plans, print them out, then make notes on them if needed. Last year I just wrote in one of those books. I still have it but if I had it on the computer I might already have my planning done!

Please, please, please help me out with this and let me know what you think and/or any suggestions for making it better! By the way, I plan on printing front and back (tree hugger-ha!) and keeping these lessons in a planning binder-- see here!

Thanks :)


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