Thursday, May 5, 2011

Parts of a Plant

We planted seeds a couple weeks ago and have yet to see a stem (much less a root)!! The show must still go on without a bloom this week we worked on parts of a plant. My kids love to do hands on crafty things and lets face it--so do I. We didn't use glitter yesterday but I sure thought about it :)

We made a collage of parts of a flower using fabric, pipe cleaner, and yarn. It was fun, engaging, and turned out really cute! Next year I will go get some cute scrapbook paper for the flower but I had fabric scraps in a drawer and didn't have to do much to get them prepared. I made labels for the parts but the kids did pretty much everything else.

That is about all I have for now...will be posting a super fun subtraction word problem activity tomorrow (if I can get it together-it is Friday!)

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  1. Love this activity!!