Saturday, May 7, 2011

Have you tried WebQuests?

We go to the computer lab and play every once and a while (play meaning or Our media specialist designed a lesson with Google Earth that the kids loved so I am attempting something new this week. I have yet to ask my firsties to do a WebQuest, even though I know there are some fabulous ones out there! We just finished studying plants and we have some guppies in the room so naturally we should be learning about them. So I created a webquest...this should be interesting. I got some inspiration from this webquest. Which is cute and fun, but half the links didn't I re-worked it and made a new "Fish WebQuest Journal".

You can visit my "Fishing for Knowledge" webquest by clicking here. All the links and documents are located at the webquest site. If anyone else tries I would love to know how it works out? I am cautiously optimistic about this idea!!


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